Your App

Creating Your App with aptMobility

aptMobility helps you get the mobile application that your users need.


Your App’s Functionality

Your app can support users with:

  • Geo-location services
  • Google Map Integration
  • Local area contextual awareness with iBeacon
  • Push notifications
  • YouTube integration
  • In-App purchasing of app content or services
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Integration with your backend applications
  • User authentication
  • Social Media integration
  • Integration to native device features
  • Contact or feedback forms

We work with you to define the specific functionality you need in your custom app.

Mobile Platform Considerations

Your app may be a candidate for iOS or Android native development if it requires unique device features or is very complex. Simpler apps may be good candidates for cross-platform development or development as a web app. Our team can help you evaluate the pros, cons, and trade-offs of these different mobile development platforms.


Time and Budget Constraints

We recognize that all clients looking to develop an app have constraints on their resources, whether it is a limited budget or a specific deadline for release. We often recommend a phased approach to development of your app, and can work with you to help define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will meet your priority needs while staying on time and within budget.