5 Ds of Mobile App Development

At aptMobility, we use a 5-phase process designed to facilitate communication between you and our team of project managers and developers. You will be an integral part of the development process.


In the Discovery phase, our team works with you to identify the features and requirements needed for your app. At the end of this phase, we will have a clear and common understanding of the requirements and scope of your project.


In the Design phase, we work with you to create the user interactions and visual design elements that will be the public face of your app. We will also work with you to define any backend web services that may be required to integrate your app to your existing website or any third-party business services.


In the Development phase, our developers will implement the code needed to bring your app design to life.We provide regular updates of each phase of the app development with you, as we all work to ensure that the app meets your specifications and your project stays on track. At the end of this phase, your app will be fully functional.


In the Delivery phase, your app is thoroughly tested to ensure it matches your specifications. While your primary stakeholders review the app during alpha testing, we continue with our cumulative internal testing. During beta testing, we release the app to your extended test team (typically 5 to 10 people) for feedback. Following beta testing, you will review the app for a final user acceptance test before release.


In the Deployment phase, the app is submitted to the appropriate app store (Apple App Store for iOS apps, Google Play for Android apps), or released for internal distribution within your organization.